Portraiture by Seth Wahlton


On its face, a portrait is an image that describes a person's likeness. By that definition, any snapshot could constitute a portrait. Portraiture as an art form seeks to reveal the nature and pure essence of the personality behind the face representing it, thereby separating a great portrait from a mere likeness. While it is impossible to understand a person's complex character from a single image, it is important that the portrait reflects a depth of character and conveys a story or insight about the subject's inner-self. This is the essence of fine art portraiture, and this is what I seek with each person to whom I point my camera.  The art of portrait photography transcends that of simply pointing a camera at someone and shooting a picture or snapshot. A great portrait captures the raw and true nature of an individual's personality in a single photo. It offers anyone viewing the photo a glimpse or "snapshot" of the subject's personality. My goal when shooting any session is to capture the one photo that accomplishes this. My experience proves my passion for photography. If this is what you seek in a photographer, call me to arrange an appointment.